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American Canine Institute

The Home Guardian "Plus"

The home protection Dog! What are they and why do you want one? Home protection dogs are just that; they provide that extra security for you and your home. Home
protection dogs are great companions, have good temperament, like to play and do not attack everyone appearing at your front door. They are taught to "Turn ON" and "Turn OFF" on command or depending on the situation. Home protection dogs do more than just protection, they do search & rescue, herding, compete in organized dog sports, while others just chase Frisbees.

Our protection dogs are NOT Attack or Guard dogs!
Attack or Guard dogs do not like people and are conditioned not to obey commands from anyone. A.C.I. protection trained dogs are trained to do only what is necessary to control the situation no more, no less.

Everyone should not have a protection dog, so every owner must understand the serious responsibility of having a protection dog. Not all canine breeds are suitable for protection work; many lack the size, breeding, temperament or drive to effectively deter an attacker or intruder. We believe that the optimal age to evaluate canines for protection work is between 6 months and 1yr of age and we evaluate older canines to.